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    Version 4.1 for Moodle 2.x 2013-10-09:
    new views
    new my porfolio area without categories

    Version 4.0.4 for Moodle 2.x build 2012122800 / 2012-12-28:
    interface to exabis competencies
    interface to - smartphone-app for eportfolios
    grouping by user of shared views
    notification for shared views

    Version 4.0.4 for Moodle 2.x / 2012-01-12:
    prepared module for digital european language portfolio, soon to be published
    fixed global_search-problem

    Version 4.0.3 for Moodle 2.x / 2011-11-23:
    corrected a few glitches, new icons

    Version 4.0.2 for Moodle 2.x / 2011-11-08:
    changes block-name for compatibility with Moodle 2.1.x to exaport

    Version 4.0.1 for Moodle 2.x / 2011-10-26:
    this version of the block works on Moodle 2.x installations, in it's current form it is optimized for MySql Databases.
    Due to major changes in the file-system of Moodle 2.x this module is not compatible with earlier versions 3.x of this module. An automatic upgrade is not possible at this time nor have we developed an update script to transfer old data so far. Time, resources & inquiries permitting we will look into this later.

    Version 3.2.4 / 2009-12-18:
    shared views can be sorted by course, username, viewname, last-modified-time
    copy files to course functionality (has to be enabeld in the block-options by the administrator)

    Version 3.2.3 / 2009-11-13:
    minor bugfixes
    xhtml validation
    language updates
    problems with default-values corrected

    Version 3.2.2 / 2009-03-19:
    sharing-bug: users not correctly read from moodle
    ie bug: sharing selections didn't work
    import/export of umlaut's in scorm format now working correctly
    categorie delete bug
    view-bug if a user has no portfolio-items

    Changes to Exabis E-Portfolio v. 3.2.0

    We have done quite a bit of programming to this version of our E-Portfolio block in the past few weeks and think it could be useful to write a few lines in addition to our changelog.
    The most interesting changes/additions in this version are:

    1. Introduction of views to the portfolio-system:
      With this option it is now possible to create multiple views which contain portfolio-elements. The importaint change here is that now only a view can be shared not an individual portfolio-item (a view may contain only one portfolio-item). View-Elements can be arranged with drag&drop and can contain different items, headlines, texts and personal information. Views can be configured for both internal and external use.
    2. Switchable admin-parameter between old and new view:
      We have kept the old system alongside so an administrator can switch between the new views and the old system. We have done this because the view-system is still in beta and we wanted to provide the option of switching back in case of problems.
    3. Combining of different portfolio-types to one page:
      Now the portfolio-types external bookmark, files and notes are kept on one page. However you can still select e.g. all files from the submenu links.
    4. Simplification of sharing:
      Now the sharing-process has been simplified. Views can be shared with selected members of an individual’s course/s or all course-members.
    5. Available Translations:
      Translations: Czech (cs), German (de_du), German (de), Greek (el), English (en), Basque (eu), Hungarian (hu), Dutch (nl), Portuguese (pt), Swedish (sv)
    New System Requirements
    1. Moodle-Version 2.3 recommended

    2. PHP-Version 5.2 required
      The new E-Portfolio-Features are optimized for php 5.2 and later. This means from Exabis E-Portfolio 3.2.0 on php 5.2 is required.
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